You can collect the goods you bought at FUTON TOKYO at the airport by using Airport TA-Q-BIN.

Airport TA-Q-BIN is a service that delivers your order from our shop to the airport and keeps it until your flight date (Airport TA-Q-BIN is provided by Yamato Transport).

The handling fee for Airport TA-Q-BIN is JPY660.

You can receive your order at these airports (Map of pick up counters)

For details, please contact Yamato English Customer Service (mail and phone)


*Our futons are made-to-order products. Please order in advance with enough time to make your order.

production time 2 to 4 weeks

We appreciate your early orders. It makes easy for us to complete your order smoothly.




Please make sure the opening hours of the counters and go to there earlier.

We’re not responsible if you can not collect your order for the lacking of time or miss the flight.


Airport TA-Q-BIN entry form