For the past 100 years since our establishment, we have kept the traditional Japanese futon tradition. And from now on.



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We source quality raw cotton from overseas. Classic, heavy-duty machines, which have been used for over three generations, get rid of cotton chips and make the cotton suitable as futon filling.
We hand the refined cotton from our factory to the futon workshop, then they start the process of making futon by hand.
Our process is minimal and productive at the same time. We can cut the costs of the middleman and transportation. That’s why we can offer quality products at a fair price.

We make everything from small zabuton cushions to queen size mattresses to suit our customers’ needs. In recent years, there has been a growing demand from overseas for cotton futons made of natural and safe materials, and we produce futons of various sizes. They are made here in our small factory in downtown Tokyo and shipped all over the world.

If you would like to observe Japanese Futon making by craftsmen, please contact us from the form below.


In our shop we also sell directly at the address below. However, since Japanese futons and zabuton cushions are basically made after receipt of orders, you can not receive it on shop front on the order day.

If you wish to receive at the shop front, please visit us at a later date, or order online in advance.


Thank you.


Moriseimenjo co., Ltd.
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