If you are looking for a cover for the futon mattress (shiki futon) that you already have and don’t know if our covers would fit it, please use a measuring tape or rope and measure the circumference of the length and width of it. Please inquire us with these dimensions.

Since our covers have the simple structure of two sheets of cloth and don’t have a gusset, it’s difficult to know if it would fit your futon without the two dimensions.


japanese futon cover

shikibuton cover


Cotton fabric shrinks 6 percent during washing. In general, if the circumference of the cover is roughly 2 inch (5 cm) larger than the futon mattress, they match well. 

We also have flat sheets. They can accommodate the futons in various sizes flexibly. It can be used for your customized futon mattress. If you like to wash frequently, this type is very handy. It is often seen used at Japanese-style inns. 




Please feel free to contact us if you have questions!