Do I need an underlay and a topper ?


If they are needed for shikifuton or not is one of the frequently asked question. It depends on your body weight and preference. People who have heavier weight sink in the mattress so they need more support in general. People who have back pains tend to feel more comfortable on a hard mattress. The type of floor where you place futon is also a major element to decide it.


Most people feel it’s too hard to sleep on shikifuton without underlay or futon topper (unless you like the hard mattress).
In the cold season, you may feel chilly because of the cold floor.
If you find the bottom of the shikifuton is very damp in the morning, it’s because the floor is so tight that futon can’t breathe. Please use tatami mat or rug for releasing humid air that is produced from your body during the night.




You might feel it’s uneven if the spaces between the slats are wide. It depends on how wide they are though we recommend using tatami mat or futon topper for comfort.






Some people feel it’s comfortable without underlay or futon topper.







Many people feel it’s comfortable with shikifuton alone.
Tatami can release the humidity in futon very effectively. Tatami is the best match floor of all time.







Tatami Mats and Futon Toppers



Tatami mattress – “Foldable type” has various ways of use. It’s flat and can be used as a rug. In the winter, it can cover up the ice-cold floor. (there is no anti-slippery material on the bottom side).

Thickness 0.4″ (1.0 cm)

Single, Semi-Double, Double sizes are available.




Tatami mattress “Noa” is thicker than “Foldable type”. It’s supportive enough to take a nap on it.

Thickness 1.5″ (4.0 cm)

Single size only.





Tatami mattress “Tappuri” Reversible Type is made of 100% rush grass. It doesn’t have the urethane layer for cushioning, but full of wild and natural touch. For the person who loves rush grass so much.

Thickness 0.4″ (1.0 cm)

Single, Double, Queen sizes are available.







Futon toppers have a gentle softness of cotton. This is a thinner version of shikifuton. This is made of the same materials used for shikifuton. It means you can add the thickness of your shikifuton with this topper.  It can be also used as a topper for your bed mattress.

Thickness 1.5″ (3.0 cm) – when the inner cotton is settled down after using while.

All sizes are available except for baby size.